Vinyls 2LP The Journey

  • New Folamour Album 'The Journey'

    A1. Ono Waterfall

    A2. The Journey (feat. Zeke Manyika)

    A3. Resonate

    B1. Rue de Paradis (feat. Tertia May)

    B2. Latécoère

    B3. Lost In Space (feat. SG Lewis)

    C1. St Moskov

    C2. Truth 

    C3. We Gotta Wake This World Up From Its Sleep

    D1. My Brother's Keeper 

    D2. La fin des vacances

    D3. Just Want Happiness


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It's never too late. Bridges are burning. Trees are falling on the road to each other.

I'm handing y'all my reality. I hope you'll take care of it while I'm away chasing peace.